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But if you're looking to convince her to have a threesomesee why these seven women decided to add an extra pair legs to their beds:. I love having a partner in crime to tease and torture a guy until he becomes a wanton animal and then giving him exactly what he wants.

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I was feeling bi-curious and well We now have them on a regular basis with the same girl, and sometimes mix it up and have them with a guy too! Our communication has never been stronger and our sex life is so much fun! My husband was perhaps equally thrilled when he realized our Sunday girl-watching expeditions could morph into something more 'hands on'.

It took a couple of years for us to seduce one of our dearest woman friends into our bed, but it was well worth the wait. My husband and I were so young when we first got together 17 and 18it seemed logical to explore polyamory so we could explore being with others, yet stay together. It worked well for us.

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The fact that we often liked the same women made it easy. I was also very curious to find out how two female energies can play together with one male energy.

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To my surprise, it was very comfortable and playful. I'm already a sexually open person, so it just made sense for me to keep challenging myself to take it a step further, as long as I was comfortable. It is hard to find a good balance for three people. It is already a very emotional process to sleep with one person, so adding a third can be tricky. But, all in all, it was totally worth it, and totally fun, and I think as long as you feel safe, comfortable, and you trust all parties involved, and keep an open mind, you will have a blast.

It was a running joke with us for a couple years about having a threesome, but that was honestly all I thought it was.

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One night after a festival in the Florida Keys where there had been plenty of day drinking! Suddenly we began talking about it again, and they both looked at each other and seriously asked me if I wanted to that night. I was very hesitant, but the thing that made me do it was that the girl asked me. She not only asked me, but she encouraged everything during the act, so it made me feel much more comfortable.

There is no jealousy between us since we are all good friends, which is very rare when two of the participants are married. I was curious for myself to see if it was really all that. And I wondered if it was something I might get into and enjoy for myself.

I also knew he wanted so much to see the two of us girls together and to be together with him, that the more we discussed it, the more turned on I became.

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3sum try it girls

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