A couple in miracles

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The same is true for human beings.

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The book is easy to read, and includes numerous examples and easy exercises to help couples understand each other better, and communicate on the same level. One of the most helpful, yet somewhat challenging, exercises is The Dynamite Dozen Areas in which differing rules cause considerable problems.

He suggests that each partner go through and answer the twelve questions and then share and discuss your answers together.

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Answering those questions from your own perspective is not hard, but sharing them with your spouse… that can be a challenge — especially when you find differing views about things you thought you both agreed on! A friend of mine said she and her partner read the book together instead of seeing a counselor.

Each night, they set aside 1 hour and took turns reading from the book, discussing it, answering questions, and completing the exercises. They even made cue cards for each communication exercise so they could turn to them anytime there was a conflict.

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Within one week they recognized and were able to address some important issues in their relationship, and have created a more caring and harmonious household. While this may not be the ultimate answer for every couple, reading and honestly engaging in the exercises is likely to bring more clarity as to what you want, what you need, and how you feel.

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Order your copy now, and start creating more love and less conflict! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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A couple in miracles

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