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It followed a very basic plotline, reused cheesy language, and was a third-grade reading level equivalent. And yet, everyone from your teenage sister to your grandmother confessed to being so hooked, she finished the entire trilogy in record time. I must be the color of 'The Communist Manifesto. We spoke to NYC psychologist and relationship coach Dr. Dardashti explores what facets of "Fifty Shades" that women are connecting to, fantasizing about and wanting more of in their own lives which in turn, has made this piece of fiction so popular and the underlying implications of those desires.

Men in the movies are based off an almost-impossible mix of qualities, which are also all the characteristics that most women would appreciate in a man, explains Dr. For instance, especially in the early stages of her relationship with Grey, Anastasia never questions his feelings. He always makes it clear he wants her. Reading about this fantasy-man-played-out-in-real-life is engaging, an uncommon occurrence we secretly want to encounter.

Especially for readers who are in long-term relationships or might feel stuck in a routine, "Fifty Shades" was a way to re-live those initial stages of falling in love for the first time. Dardashti, and guess what?

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Think about when you first start seeing someone and are totally smitten by them, but you still want to hold off because you like that sexual tension. It makes the reader feel sexy, which is especially satisfying for those who might be sexually frustrated in their own lives. Even Anastasia would agree, the build-up is sometimes the best part.

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According to Dr. Dardashti, dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, and oxytocin, a hormone associated with forming attachments, are both released during those euphoria stages of falling in love. As Dr. Dardashti suggests, romantic movies and books and "Fifty Shades" in particular capitalize on this high and tender feeling by focusing their stories only on the beginnings of relationships when dopamine has got you feeling all head-over-heels.

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It sucks you in, especially for vulnerable audiences. And there are chemical reactions going on here as well.

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We start comparing ourselves or our relationship to the characters in the book. Despite it being completely misogynist and unrealistic, we get sucked into a romanticized ideal. The book accesses our paradoxical longings of wanting to be in control and relinquish control.

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The idea and struggle of control is pervasive throughout the novel and makes us reflect on our own lives and desires. By Elite Daily Staff.

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How Fifty Shades lied to you about female sexuality