Average looking i guess

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Some might be offended by the backhanded nature of it -- and all of the hot girls I know happen to have amazing personalities as well -- but for us only halfway decent-looking people, we must cling to our charm and charisma.

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Good personalities are kind of our purview. So we did, and we got good at it. Oh, you want to buy my hot friend drinks? Well, guess what?

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You gotta deal with me too! Well, I have a sneaky feeling that I have to pee and take her with me, forever. Some people are absolutely stunned when an average girl makes the first move on a guy.

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Now, we might very well be mean. A lot of us are! No one dislikes us out of jealousy, at least.

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Sure, it breaks our hearts when we like you and you talk about how you're in love with our best friends, but in the long run, it'll work out in our favor, because we know all your secrets. In the end, who gives a sh-t about being a Plain Jane?

In the future, we'll probably all live in the Matrix and choose however the hell we want to look.

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Beauty is fleeting, but getting free booze because of your hot friends is forever. People see us for who we are on the inside.

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