Chatline Aldridge women

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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. Mocata Posts: Forum Member. ITV is showing some of these and I wonder if men really do call these lines. So far I only see those aimed at men gay and straightdon't women get off on this sort of thing?

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I get local call rate s off MSN with the package ive got, no need to pay. I have seen advertised in the back on some women's magazines in the past,and even freephone s for women to call into a chatline. I do remember an advert for lesbian chat being on ITV late nights of a Friday - it was a spin off of "gay x-change" remember those !

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I don't know why anyone would want to call a chatline these days when there's free online chat which there was a lot less of back in the 90's. Dingo69 wrote:. Mickey Blue Posts: Forum Member. Mocata wrote:. System Posts: 2, Forum Member. Mickey Blue wrote:. I've considered being a phone "actress", I hear the money is good.

Smeggypants Posts: 16, Forum Member. Luxxy Posts: 18, Forum Member. I'm a bloke and I'd love to give one of these 'chats' to a lady! Feel free to PM me girls!! Sexbomb Posts: 18, Forum Member. Sexbomb wrote:. Well Helllooooooo there. I worked on a gay sex chat line and we had women ringing to get their jollies. Not often but it happened. My best mate has had to have showing my age there s barred from his phone. He'd come home from the pub and spend 3 hours on the phone. One night he was even talking about his car with one girl! What a muppet! LOL this. Now we know why your phone bill is so high.

PamelaL Posts: 67, Forum Member. I asked because seeing the on TV got me thinking. The status of my sex life really is none of your business. Regarding every thread I start being to do with sex, you're talking crap and need to check your facts. Somner Posts: 9, Forum Member.

Aldridge Andy Posts: Forum Member. Each to their own I guess, and it's not exactly doing any harm. If you're in a relationship and your partner doesnt know or doesn't approve that may raise some morale issues. I doubt that these chat lines are as "sleezy" as people who call them expect.

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After all the brain, and fantasy are powerfull parts of us humans. I guess people just pay the cost of the call to trigger their brain in to action. PamelaL wrote:. Every second one is about sex then. I have just started a job as a chat line operator - only doing it in the evenings and weekends when I have the house free If you did it full time and were good as I am ;- then you could probably make a decent wage You have to be very imaginative with some men though!!!

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Do you have a partner hugbubble? Does he know, what does he think if so? I've been round and witnessed my mate having a session with a punter, it's hilarious! Why call them these days when you have abysmal phone sex channels like Babecast and Babestation?

At least you can actually see who you're talking to, instead of probably talking to an old fogey who only has cats to keep them company.

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Chatline Aldridge women

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