Cunninglus 69 man here to pleasure woman

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Everything about sex feels good when done right. There are several things that couples can explore when it to comes to sex.

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One such crazy and wild position is the Some love it while some hate it. Either way, it has definitely been tried by numerous couples.

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So, for all those couples who love this sex position, it is considered as one of the best ways for pleasure for both of them at the same time. You can stimulate each other by giving an intense oral sex at the same time and that is truly sexy. But you would be definitely surprised to know what men love the most about There is a lot and these are some of them. Men absolutely love it because it multi tasking.

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While you are giving me the hottest blow job, he gets to lick you down there and stimulate you. There is also no waiting period here where you have to wait for our partner to return the oral favor you did on them. So this is one thing love the most about a Yes men love hearing moans and groans. But this is not only when they are going down on you.

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They love it when you moan giving him a blow job. That makes them feel confident that you are equally enjoying doing it.

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This is another thing that several men love. If he totally loves 69 he also loves the view that he gets when you are on top.

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So, a 69 position has oral sex, hand job and wild dominating moves and men love all of these. Try wrapping your thighs around his head tightly and he is sure to love this move. Another thing that men love the most about 69 is that it is the wildest and sexiest way of giving a blow job and oral sex to a woman. Thus there is no scope for boredom in this one. As opposed to the usual way of doing it, where you have to finish receiving an oral, 69 has its own advantages. You can bring each other climax by just 69 and men just love this. If your man often mentions about 69, you now know what it is that makes him go all crazy about this sex position.

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