France should be fun

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The land of love and light, the land of wine and cheese, the land that trumps all other lands as a tourist holiday destination. You can spend your entire life exploring this beautiful land of culture and champagne. You will keep discovering fun France facts on your way.

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These facts about France range from the obvious to the fascinating. Allez la France! Current time in France:. It might be one of the most obvious interesting France facts that the country is the leader of the wine world. But did you know how many varieties of cheese they make?

Over ! Even though the colonial times are long over, France still has 13 overseas territorieseach of them with different levels of autonomy. The most touristy are:. Jeanne Calmentborn on 21st Februarylived for years and days. This supercentenarian from Arles, France outlasted her daughter and grandson by a few decades and died on 4th August No one in recorded history has had a longer lifespan yet.

Vive la France! The only other person who almost caught up with Jeanne was Sarah Knauss from the US who lived to years and 97 days. This should go on the list of the French fun facts. At ageJeanne walked without a stick, exercised daily, smoked a cigar, ate chocolate every day and drank a glass of port wine daily. Definitely facts about France and French longevity to remember!

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Mainland France is just a part of the entire French territory. Located all over the world, the country has over islands, with Corsica being the biggest one. With over beautiful 32, villages, it is difficult to choose which to visit without knowing some facts about France.

That takes a load off — knowing which of the 32, villages to visit. Now if only we had time to visit all Ah well! Maybe this sounds more like a morbid fact rather than an interesting fact about France, but you can marry a dead person in France. Yes, one of the France facts is that under French law, you can marry your partner after they are dead if you can prove that you intended to marry while they were alive.

Of course, you need permission from the French president for this. Xavier was killed during the attack at Champs-Elysees in Apriland President Francois Hollande granted them permission to marry. On average, 82 million tourists visit France every year. One of the awesome France facts is that inthe country banned its food stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets from throwing away excess food. This only made us love the French more. Food cannot be wasted! Any excess food cannot be burned or thrown away. It must be donated.

A few other countries have followed suit. More should! Yes, but one of the important facts about France is that in this country eating is an art. From the aperitif to the dessert, every dish is made with passion.

There are quite a few lists of the top ten French foods out there. And macarons, how can we forget macarons aka macaroons. Italy stands at 54, China 5 and Spain 47; while France and Germany are tied at 44 each. Just look at the map of France and your eyes will be opened to the hexagon that is France. In Aprila fire broke out. The cathedral in P aris has been on fire for 15 hours. The reconstruction will take up to 5 years, so it should be available for sightseeing again in Want some more interesting France facts?

But Louis too had toand 20 minutes later was no longer king. The shortest reign as a king of France! A law passed in prohibits kissing on platforms. This law was put in place to prevent delayed train departures. Maybe because trains in the earlier days waited for everyone to get on board. Nowadays, if you miss a train, you miss a train. Add that to your France facts interesting list! You can see people kissing at train stations all over Paris. You can probably see people kissing all over France. One of the most awesome and surprising France facts is that some famous landmarks of the world are actually created by French!

The list includes:. A Fun fact about France is that many of the erstwhile chateaus in the Loire Valley, now serve as rentals, giving you the chance to sleep like a prince. Check them out by clicking here. Check out the features here. Look at the exceptional ratings this chateau has here. Simple, homely and away from the hustle and bustle, but with easy access to Paris. Check it out here. They are actually considered as delicacies in France.

Want to know the s? They may surprise you. Over million snails and 80 million frogs are consumed in France annually! Contrary to popular belief, kilts originated in France, not Scotland. Another France interesting facts that you may have already known is that there are 17 regions in France for wine production. With an area covering 6,43, square kilometers, France is the largest country in the European Union.

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Jeans the tough clothing that we wear everywhere were first tailored in Nimes, France. The French Army still uses carrier pigeons and keep them at Mount Valerian. Napolean is one of the most famous French ever. He was of average height. Some French towns and villages have really weird names! Anus, Breast, and Condom are only some of them more here. For more Paris factsfollow the link. Did you like this list of fun facts about France?

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France should be fun

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France should be fun