Genuine friendships and more

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These days is hard to find those extra-special confidants who truly understand the wildest and undiscovered depths of our heart. The people we call our best friends. We find it easy to connect online with a person who shares the same interests and hobbies as we do, but can we really refer to them as a friend?

Is that really all that matters in a friendship? A true friendship consists of unconditional love, a lot of compromises, the pure will to be happy for their happiness, and the empathy for their greatest sorrow as if it was your own.

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Let us indeed be grateful and praise the people who would do everything of the following to assure us that genuine friendships still exist:. A true, genuine friend is someone who spends their lifetime beside you. Because a real friend would never try to change your nature, but rather they would embrace everything about you. All the way from your weirdest quirks to your greatest traits. Work, kids, marriages, time definitely goes by. And the older we get, the more unavailable we become. However, a real friendship will never surrender to this fast-paced and chaotic life we live in.

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A true friend will never forget the bond you two have. Fake friends will feel jealous and intimidated by your achievements, but real friends will celebrate every accomplishment in your life. Some people will desperately try to put you down, but genuine friends will feel your happiness as if it was their own. You are aware that the most important virtue that makes a friendship, genuine and real is respect.

What you two have is more important than anything else. The Power Of Silence. Author Recent Posts.

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Genuine friendships and more

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