Hello im single and looking for

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The feeling of loneliness struck after the first month of my breakup. I bought gifts for people who I barely knew. I was too desperate.

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Screening through my social circles, check! Dating apps, check! Reaching out to people in my workplace, check!

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Picking up girls in clubs? Dating after college is a totally different game. I need so much more than just mere confidence. I have all the time in the world for myself! I can be as productive or as lazy as I want.

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When I feel like doing something, I can do it right away! It might worry or scare them, or it just seems inappropriate. For example, bar-hopping with your work colleagues, starting a Medium blog to talk about your dating life, or visiting a gay bar in Bali to watch a drag show and genuinely enjoying it.

Not to mention if your partner is a control freak, trying to change the way you dress or limit who you can hang out with. As a free spirit, I like to do things my way, joke around freely, be friendly with anyone, be outspoken, and sometimes, be ignorant. The stress sometimes comes up so suddenly and unnecessarily, it ruins your whole day!

I salute all of you who are able to juggle this along with the stress from your work and family. Having less stress is my priority at the moment.

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The thing with being in a relationship is you are committed to something important that you have to consider it in anything that you want to do. I moved to Singapore from Jakarta for work a year ago. The transition was so smooth that I felt like I was going for a two weeks vacation! Human is truly a social being. I am given the opportunity to live freely, doing everything that I want without any limitations, and yet I still feel something is missing. The sense of belonging and having a companionship keeps coming up to my mind. I have a stable job, working in my dream company, and living in a safe and more developed country.

For once, I can relax and enjoy life a little. Problems, stories, jokes, activities, anything. You will have different priorities and life situation, for example, they got into a relationship, they found new cliques from yoga class, or they moved to another city.

They have their own partners and groups of friends. They go home straight after work for their families. With less and less social interaction ā€” and the pandemic only makes it worse, people are getting used to be alone and live with themselves. My brain is reacting to this self-destructing feeling of being alone and forces me to find excitements through other activities. We need to have an equal amount of having a compassionate interaction and also enough time for ourselves. The grass is always greener on the other side, but if you know your priority, you might not need to get to the other side, right?

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Hello im single and looking for

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Iā€™m looking for a partner who is exciting and my equal ā€“ without success. Am I the problem?