Hitting on your friends mom

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Often boys get crushes on other peoples' moms. Though innocent enough, it's something that doesn't usually go further than a teen fantasy or high school To quote the one-hit wonder from Fountain of Wayne, these guys are quite literally in love with Stacey's mom. Text Source. She was 35 and had short dirty blonde hair and was in great shape.

At some point, his mom started offering to massage my back while I played. I let her do it and thought nothing of it. One day, she started reaching around a bit and next thing you know I was getting turned on. So she asked me if we should move somewhere more comfortable where she could massage me a bit more.

I said sure and we went to her room. Well, within five minutes it was on. The oddest phrases came out of that lady. I asked her if she thought Jesus would be mad at us, and she said she thought Jesus would want her to be happy. That passed my logic test, so we kept going.

Well, for the next five days we did it at her house, mine, in the car, and really anywhere we could get the chance to. She even had it set up where she could me out of school she was that tight with my momso she did one day, and we had more or less an all day romp. She offered me a few hundred dollars and said it was so we could take a vacation to get away from everything. I took it. I also told my older brother since I couldn't contain myself any longer.

He immediately told my mom that she had threatened to kidnap me I guess that is what it technically would have been and my mom told my dad and my dad called the cops. She was arrested and forced to perform a few hundred hours of community service and ordered to pay for me to see a psychiatric counselor for a year. My friends all found out she told them and it caused a large faction of people at my school to be angry with me no idea why. I never went to see a shrink and when I turned 18 my mom gave me that money to buy a car.

I got a Mazda RX-7 this was in The mom makes some arrangements between the two, and the boy shows up one night to pick her up on the motorcycle. The mom, somewhat understandably, says that she wants to know the boy is a safe driver and asks the boy to give her a ride real quick. The mom hops on the back of the motorcycle, and the boy rides around the neighborhood. The mom objects, and says she wants to know how he drives on the highway.

Long story short, they drive off to the beach leaving the daughter behind at home, hook up, the mom gets pregnant, and roughly nine months later, my girlfriend's mom delivers a baby conceived under the most ridiculous circumstances she's heard of in a long, long time. I started to identify as poly and met this really hot businesswoman at a food market, and we chatted it up and became friends.

She was older than me, which I never minded since I loved older women. We became hook-up buddies, and she was warming up to me having other girlfriends, and we soon fell in love. We started our relationship and things were amazing, everything just felt right. She was monogamous with me as that is just who she is, and I was poly with her.

She also works crazy hours and has a very busy life, but she loves it and that's what counts. So months pass, and she invites me to meet her family at a family gathering. I'm excited to meet her family, not so excited to learn her ex is gonna be there though, a little nervous about that. We walk through the door, and she introduces me to her daughter, who happens to be my ex! Her eyes get wide and my ex runs upstairs crying. My girlfriend and my ex her daughter start yelling at each other upstairs, My girlfriend's ex-husband is giving me death glares for getting with his wife and daughter, and I stand there awkwardly for five minutes listening to my ex tell her mother it's not okay to bang her ex-boyfriends.

The party ended up being pretty good, but my ex was still pretty ticked at me, and the ex-husband and I avoided each other the whole time. We just finished having supper and we started drinking. At one point, my mother, my friend and I were getting fairly tipsy.

We started arguing about politics, and since my mom and friend have similar views, they kind of ganged up on me. We were all getting a bit frustrated about that and my girlfriend could tell, so she told me to just go to bed and forget about it. Which left my mother and friend alone upstairs.

Now this may seem like a bad idea, but my mother has always been very cool with my friends. So the fact that he would attempt something never occurred to me. Fast forward a few hours later, in the middle of the night. My girlfriend wakes me up and tells me we have to leave. I'm still half sleep and I just agree. As I am starting to come to, I realize something is off. My friend comes downstairs and passes out on the couch, I go upstairs and my mother locked herself in the bathroom. I'm just really confused but I don't think much of it.

My girlfriend and I decide to go get some McDonald's. When we finally get on the highway, my girlfriend looks at me and starts to cry and tells me that for at least 10 minutes before I woke up she heard banging noises upstairs.

I start to get furious, but it still seems unimaginable that they would do that. So after I promise my girl that I will not attack the guy, we decide to go back home. At this point, I have no idea if it's true or not, for all I know my girlfriend was probably dreaming. I get home and tell the guy to call himself a cab. Mother is still locked in the bathroom. The cab comes and the guy goes home. I end up going to sleep at my girlfriend's house.

Fast forward one month. I haven't talked to the guy since. My mother denied everything, said that the friend tried to initiate something and there was kissing involved but nothing serious. At that point, I say oh well, nothing I can do. Then, out of nowhere, someone I know sends me a message asking me if I knew about my friend that was in the hospital a few weeks ago. I get pretty confused and that's when I realized that the guy tried to commit suicide that night.

I am incredibly shocked to hear all this, I decided to contact the guy and finally get the record straight on the situation. He tells me that he did in fact sleep with my mother, that he regrets more than anything else, and that he is sorry. I tell the guy that I don't hate him for doing that, after all drinking was involved.

I just told him that I was disappointed he did that to my family, I asked him to not contact me for a while because I don't want to talk to him and that's it. I also confronted my mother about the ordeal, she still denies it to this day, who wouldn't right? She is still with my father, who doesn't know what happened. I told my mother I would not be the one to tell him, and that it was her responsibility to do it. Since that day, I've had a few nights of drinking with my dad and knowing the truth is tearing me apart.

She was a brat who hated me and treated me like trash.

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Fast forward to two years after graduation. I get a job at a large electronics retailer selling TVs. Well, lo and behold Amanda's mom starts working in home appliances. Now, I need to mention that Amanda is gorgeous.

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She has a great olive complexion, very athletic body, and great legs. Well, she gets her looks from her mom. Her mom knows me from school and I've always been a hit with adults as a. I ended up working with Amanda's mom, Paula, quite often. I never hit on her, I knew she was married. By this time I had a primary job as a bank teller on the weekdays and worked at the store on the weekends. One night, July 4th weekend, a bunch of employees were hanging out in the parking lot, just shooting the bull, when one guy mentions how long It's been since he was on a date.

That's when Paula mentions, 'I've been divorced for two years and have yet to be asked on a date. She's gonna be so ticked off! Well, Monday comes around, I get all nice and dressed up. Paula and I meet up, and we go out to dinner. It goes quite well. After dinner, I'm thinking of a way to prolong this wonderfully devious, and surprisingly enjoyable, night. She suggests a movie. Of course! Well we get seated in an almost empty theater to watch 'Iron Man 2. I sit down, and she grabs the arm rest between us and pushes it up and snuggles all nice and tight against me.

Movie ends, nothing happened, so we get into my car and I begin to drive her back. Then I get a crazy idea. It's near midnight, and I have to work at 7 am, but I drive to the edge of town and park my car off the side of a highway.

We sit there for two hours talking.

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I take her back to her car, and, as we are say goodbyes, I get the feeling she wants to kiss me. But, in my head I'm thinking, 'No way dude. Besides, she's twice your age, she just wanted a good night out.

Hitting on your friends mom

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