I like ladies of color

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Organizational solutions are one thing; a truly supportive boss is another. McKinsey and Leanin. These include microaggressions, double standards, and unconscious bias to name a few.

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A survey of employees from five large U. They are often held to a much higher standard than their white and male peers and pd to be less qualified despite their credentialswork product or business. Perhaps even more alarming, they receive less support from their managers, according to the same McKinsey and Leanin. They are less likely to have bosses who promote their work contributions to others, help them navigate organizational politics, or socialize with them outside of work.

They lack the kind of meaningful mentoring and sponsorship that is critical for getting ahead. This is not always a conscious decision on the part of managers: When looking for employees to sponsor, most executives apply the same rules we use when seeking out new friends: they search for people like them, with similar life experiences. While this is human nature, it can also reinforce existing gender and racial biases. After all, white Americans have, on average, 91 times as many white friends as black friends.

How can leaders help the women of color on their teams to advance? We propose six actions that can be taken immediately. Take initiative.

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Being the only woman of color on a team can be extremely taxing. In the face of this tension, women of color often opt out of happy hour and other social events and rarely share the personal details of their lives as openly as their white and male counterparts. Managers can help employees overcome this hesitation by extending a personal invitation to attend office gatherings and making it clear that they look forward to getting to know them better.

Give credit where it is due. Women of color often feel invisible at work, and justifiably so.

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Managers should make people more aware of this unconscious bias and openly call out instances where good work is being underappreciated or ignored. They must also highlight the contributions of these women through formal and informal communication channels, so the praise is on the record. Provide honest feedback. It can be difficult to share critical, real-time advice — especially when there is an element of difference race, gender, age between the giver and receiver.

Assess potential, not just competencies. Few executives have all the competencies desired for leadership roles. In these instances, hiring managers often make a bet on who they believe can do the job well based on their past experiences and qualifications. Egon Zehnder has, for example, created a model that provides organizations with a systematic and objective way to evaluate curiosity, insight, engagement and determination, which it believes are the leading indicators of future competence in leadership roles.

Check for bias. Without the data however, such cases might fly under the radar. Ask why. Exit interviews are one source of rich anecdotal data on the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion programs. But very few companies have implemented a mandatory exit interview policy for diverse employees that systematically asks why they are leaving.

These conversations can provide rare insight into the experiences of women of color and can be fertile ground for new ideas on how to improve the overall employee experience before talent walks out the door. There are also confidential third-party software solutions like tEquitable and All Voices deed to help employees anonymously report harassment and bias and offer resources and action plans. Women of color are a motivated, engaged group of high-potential future leaders. You have 1 free article s left this month. You are reading your last free article for this month.

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I like ladies of color

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