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So true - so sad - sometimes we just can't appreciate what we have until we lose it. Broke up unconsciously with my sweetheart in I was 22 - she was sweet sixteen. I just didn't realise what a treasure I had until it was too late. Never found another girl like Angie - she was one of a kind Did I really have to lose her to find out how much I loved her Curtis nails that sweet pain of regret in this beautiful song.

So thankful my Mom introduced me to such greatness at a young age. This album is great I love the kinda slow mellow vibe a lot of these songs have. I've listened to a lot of Curtis' albums on youtube but always skipped this one for some reason. I remember this song as if it were yestrrday. If a person really listens to this song than they know it's the truth people do things at the blink of a eye and don't think about the people around them and how it affects them its sad but it's still this way in The good thing is not the punani or the dingdong, the good thing is the value of self respect.

Curtis Mayfield singing life of smile try real love never every play with it what reallest Curtis Mayfield song about he always put meaning on comments by Jerome Scullark freestyle icon. He passed I remember the first mayfeild song I herd was "Jesus" and now that I've returned to the church i'm listening to that song I started checkin' out this alblum not realizing his lengendary efforts for his last words to us This is an amazing albulm to me And here I sit in tears, still loud as ever This brother and his music has been a big part of my life since the early 60s.

Him and the impressions got people ready for that train that was acoming. Love you Custisyou took a part of me and a lot of people with you! I've been a Cutis Mayfield fan for over 50yrs and this is the first time I' m hearing this. I'm trying to figure out how I missed this. He left a legacy that there are no words to describe. I haven't been listening quite as long but it's been decades.

I thought I knew about Curitsthen some random girl shows me this new album. I blew it off immediately, thought it was just a bunch of remasters One of my favorite CM songs I knew this album was coming out and bought it as soon as it hit the shelf.

I haven't listened to it in years. It's in a trunk in the garage but somehow I came across it tonight and i'm mad at myself for stashing it away for so long. C, Skinny popsJennifer my once sweet thing in my feelings Very underrated album I had the cd for a couple months before I opened it in ' Then, I'm glad I did. Curtis the legend had to endure a lot of physical pain to do this album. This Song makes me feel sad but it also lets me know that I will overcome what I went through and each month The Pain gets less So Curtis Was on point.

From "love to politics" Curtis knew the way! Mayfield we still trying to get it right! God blessed you. I dont mean to push My Love Most don't know about a good thing. Sad thing until she is gone.

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True True Facts!!! Amazing tune! I still love this music as well as many other tunes he introduced in 70's, 80's 90's No One Knows About A Good Thing is one of Curtis song I can listen to again and again I was introduced to Curtis back in I'm 51today yup yup still on the very music that I made good to I love to listen to Curtis Mayfield I was grew up on this music it brought happiness to families and is countue to reach and teach our youth today. This album came out at a tragic turning point in my life.

I lost a good thing because it was not meant for me. The good thing that I have now is worth the pain endured. I think a lot people don't know about this music. New world Order is the first song I heard on this cd.

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The music still sounds good today. Curtis is an Icon I know you know he's getting over The rumors say he's fooling around Your face sadly pressed upon my shoulder Too bad to hear, he's putting you down. Lambert Artist Germany. Kimberly Jones. Uncle Osiris. Len Claiborne Sr. Annie Evans.

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