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Real help for hurts and habits inFort Lauderdale, FL. Internet, substance abuse, gambling, co-dependency, sex and pornography addictions. I have worked both with adolescents as well as adults in the handling of addiction.

I have worked in a substance abuse in-patient treatment center as well as intensive out-patient facility helping clients - and their families - face the challenges of substance and work on the incredibly challenging underlying issues that brought them to this place. Trinity Harbor offers outpatient counseling in Coral Springs and surrounding areas for those who struggle with addictions such as drugs, gambling, computer, pornography, and more. Our d, masters level, clinical therapists will provide professional counseling in a safe environment.

Call today to speak to a d Therapist and take advantage of your free phone consultation. I do not offer detox services. However, I do offer one-on-one supportive outpatient therapy and individual IOP in a private atmosphere that encourages each client to move to the next-lower level of support and regain personal autonomy. Frequently, I see clients who do not wish to participate in step programs.

In addition, I am a U. Addiction Counseling is examined by evaluating consequences of use, patterns of use, triggers, relapses, and developing a relapse prevention plan. I adapt a philosophy that clients are unique, experts on their lives, have strengths, and resources to contribute to their treatment process. I evaluate the level of motivation for change and the clients cognitive ability, which would determine my approach to therapy. You may be seeking help in the area of addiction for many reasons. You may have noticed that recently you are drinking more than ever, and you don't like this.

Drugs may be getting in the way of performing at work as usual, or it is becoming the topic of fights with your loved ones.

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Does it feel like drugs or alcohol are taking over your life? You might have just left an inpatient treatment, and you are looking to maintain what you have learned. I provide a safe and compassionate space to help you achieve your goal of substance abuse and addiction related issues.

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I look forward to hearing from you today! Call me for a free consultation at State Road 84, SuiteDavie, Florida Clients will be empowered to face their addictions with the resolve to stop their cycle. They will explore the contributing factors of their addictive behavior and how that behavior affects their lifestyle. They will be able to utilize their insight and understanding in counseling in order to make daily decisions that reverse the cycle of their addictive behaviors. Clients will not only be empowered to face their fears behind their addictions, but also to take ownership of their goal setting and their with confidence.

What is different about ART? Our mission is to improve the chances of staying away from illegal substances by identifying and applying successful coping skillsThe foundation of our success is a treatment approach that is rooted in professional excellence. ART thrives to empower youth and their families with the necessary skills to rebuild their lives and maintain it free of the conflict, violence, anger outburst, depression, and legal problems that addiction may cause a family to experience.

While most treatment approaches to addiction include 12 step programs, rehabs, and now sober living houses, Grey Matters International, Inc. That is, talking to the conscious brain while the primal brain is deciding things even before you are consciously aware? Well, that is the problem to solve in addiction.

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We have the solution utilizing a new cutting edge neuroscience-centered brain rebalancing system. Contact kevin kevinflemingphd. Working with those challenged with a drug or alcohol problem can disrupt not only their life but their families lives as well.

In my office, we use a family systems approach to helping support the individual struggling to improve their life while also supporting the family to make healthy changes for their own well-being. We take a come as you are approach meeting the client where they are at to support them and their family throughout this process. I view addiction from a medical model. This means that I conceptualize addiction as a disease!

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It isn't your fault that you struggle with addiction. However, it is your responsibility to get treatment and learn healthier ways of living. We often use drugs and alcohol to "numb" those things we believe are too painful. Together, we can work on healthier coping skills in order to better manage your life. I have over 10 years experience working with addictions including time as a clinical director for treatment programs. In my current practice, I work with those exploring if they may have a substance abuse problem or those who consider themselves to be high-functioning but abusing substances.

I will do an assessment with you to determine the extent of the problem, and make appropriate recommendations. I also work with those in early recovery who want to understand how to cope with life sober and resolve long standing issues that contributed to the addiction. What are you addicted to? Are you addicted to alcohol, drugs, pornography?

Help is availing. What stage of change are you in? If you do not believe you have a problem, helping you will be like forcing a donkey to drink water. If you have already acknowledged that you have a problem and need help, congratulation! You have overcome the first obstacle. If you are motivated to change, you are much further along on your way to recovery than you think. I approach each client suffering from addiction as a unique individual with distinct life experiences that have contributed to the development of their addiction.

Successful treatment of addiction requires an individualized approach to effectively address these causes and treat them adequately. In addition, substance dependence needs to be assessed and treated in a holistic manner taking into biological, psychological, social, and developmental facets of an individuals life. Addictions form as a result of the "perfect storm" of issues, events, mental, and emotional processes.

They are maladapative ways of coping to escape and attain true wants and needs that often take on a life of their own and become habitual. The individual and family often experiences breakdowns in finances, career, health, relationships, spirituality contributing to the desire to use more substances. Over time habitual patterns form that are difficult to break and the person ends up feeling caught up in a vicious cycle.

At Renew Center of Florida we work with the individual and family to eliminate the power of the addiction and assimilate a variety of useful and empowering coping tools. If you are preoccupied with an activity or a substance from alcohol to illegal drugs, prescription medication, tobacco, caffeine, or even sex, gambling, shopping or eating; if you "need" a drink or a drug or you can't imagine entirely giving up a behavior or a substance, there is a solution.

The first step is admitting that you have a problem and getting professional help. I can help you decide if you need help and the best way to get it. Together we can open the door to recovery. Call me now for a confidential, no obligation consultation.

I've worked in the field of addiction for over 30 years. I've had a full time private practice as a counselor and psychotherapist for over 20 years. A primary focus for my practice is men's issues complicated by addictions, and relationship problems with an addiction focus. I have seen addiction in many different forms throughout my career and understand the common thre that cause addiction to manifest. I usually find that a person who struggles with addiction is highly sensitive to the world around them, and was never taught adequate coping skills to effectively cope with difficulties.

As a result, they use their addiction to "numb out" and avoid thinking about the pain they are feeling. My approach to this type of issue is to truly understand my clients and the factors that shaped who they are today. Then we work together to identify unhealthy patterns and empower them to use more healthy and effective coping skills to manage their lives. If you addicted to a substance or are a substance abuser abusers out those who are addicted and are ready to get treatment I can help. My approach is multifaceted and developed for each client individually.

Eating, drinking, shopping, spending, gambling, sex, video addiction, cell phone addiction, cutting, pulling, biting, and more. With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Hypnosis, EMDR and other treatment modalities we can stop the rituals, the destructive patterns that you keep repeating and have been wanting to stop once and for all! With alcoholism or chemical dependency, the client must agree to work toward abstinence before we can address the underlying issues of addiction.

This is best done in an environment of support such as 12 step meetings. In addition, supportive psychotherapy and CBT can help a client maintain abstinence. With process or behavioral addictions such as sex and love, work, spending, gambling, and eating, psychotherapy can begin before or in conjunction with 12 step support when necessary. There is a way to live life on life's terms!

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I look forward to helping you begin to live a life of honesty, clarity and integrity! I believe that the notion of "addictive personalities" is nonsense. There are important differences between drug addiction and so-called internet addiction, for example. I know that addictions arise for many reasons, and that we may never understand most of those reasons.

Happily, people can and do overcome addictions without having to understand all of its mysterious causes. Building solutions for addictions is not very different from building solutions to other problems. We need only use our existing strengths in ways that make sense. Many people seek comfort when experiencing upsetting emotions such as worry, sadness, boredom, unhappiness, discontent, or loneliness.

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Are you replacing an emotional need with food? We can help you through your food and eating addictions as well as other addictive behaviors. We address all types of addictions. I follow Compassionate Inquiry techniques taught by Dr. Gabor Mate. Suffering from addictions is an intense personal struggle that can keep you from living the life that you want. I offer clients support and guidance through their journey in recovery. I help clients to develop healthier ways of dealing with difficult emotions, anxiety, depression, and anger. I work with clients on finding ways to develop greater personal strength that is needed in order to live a life free of addiction.

Together I work with clients towards developing new health promoting patterns to replace the addiction. I help clients to begin to develop personal compassion and to recognize the strength and positive qualities that are already inside of them. Retreat offers a complete continuum of care, including Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and General Outpatient. Emphasis is placed on building a sober lifestyle through step programs, alumni networks and continued counseling.

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Suite 1, Coral Gables, Florida Has addiction whatever type taken control of your life, interferred with relationships, work, or ruined your self-esteem? Over 35 years of research has statistically proven that EEG Biofeedback can train your brain to function more optimally and gently free you from your addiction much more effectively than faith based programs.

EEG Biofeedback teaches your brain how to reset the brain chemicals. Often there are not enough brain chemicals causing you to seek other "fixes" such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn, etc. We can help train your brain be flexible and resilient without lengthy therapy and assist you in getting your life back without the dependency. It has a land area of 6. The phone was not in a valid format. Please manually dial the. The is. Top addiction therapists in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Zip Florida Addiction. Addiction Counselor.

Let's Connect Call me View my profile. Trinity Harbor Therapeutic Services, Inc. Florida Kayla Roberts, M. Kevin Fleming, Ph. Fort Lauderdale, Florida Parkland, Florida Boca Raton, Florida Stan Hyman, PhD.

Lady wants sex FL Oakland park 33306

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Top addiction therapists in Fort Lauderdale, FL.