Looking for cruise buddy

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While traveling solo has its benefits, it's nice to have someone with whom to explore a new place. The following apps and platforms help you find the perfect travel buddy — just make sure to ask these 20 important questions before hitting the road, or risk being struck with an awful travel companion.

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Penro is a free service that connects travelers before they hit the road. Once you up, you'll create a profile, including details about your trip for other travelers to browse. The platform allows you to search by destination, helping you to quickly narrow down pertinent matches. There's a good chance you already use Reddit to find interesting stories; however, Reddit's Travel Partners message board allows travelers to post trips and ask others to .

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If you're traveling alone, the SoloTravel subreddit is a good place to find potential travel partners and seek advice. Just launched in March, HereToMeet. After inputting your travel destination, dates and interests, the platform matches like-minded travelers with similar itineraries, also providing event ideas via EventBrite.

Before meeting in person, users can exchange messages and media and live chat through website.

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Because the website is so new, you may not find a ton of users yet, however, it's worth keeping an eye on, especially with an app set to launch at the end of summer. HelloTel App. There's a lot of functionality — the ability to add photos, comments, ask for local recommendations, plan meetups and post questions in your social feed — and it's a good choice for solo travelers who sometimes want to interact with others.

Tour groups for solo travelers. To guarantee you won't be alone on a trip you booked solo, a tour group. While all will ensure interaction, companies like SolosExodus which has a specified Solo Travellers Holidays and Singles in Paradise geared toward single travelers ensure you won't be stuck in group of couples and friend cliques. I mentioned Wingman, an app that helps you "meet people at the airport, on your flight, and at your destination" in my article on networking in the sky with a bit of sarcasm; however, the site seems to have changed its wording around.

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While at first it billed itself, more or less, as the Tinder of the skies, it now seems that not just "attractive people" will find this app useful. I guess we'll see once the app officially launch this summer.

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With myriad new travel apps and platforms being launched each week — not to mention a growing traveler desire to connect with others around the world — these are far from your only options. A few others to check out: GlobetrooperTripTogether and Tripstirlaunching this month. She's constantly searching for local experiences beyond the guidebook.

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Looking for cruise buddy

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