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He does it by tempting them. When a man on a mission is derailed by a beautiful woman, will one night ever be enough? Will one night be his undoing? But when he crosses paths with gallerist Angeline Louis, the boundaries between mystery and seduction become blurred.

One night. One time. Long ago.

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She believes everything happens for a reason, and the universe spoke about Nathan Ryder. As a rule breaker, women are one area he acts a fool. Case in point…the local librarian. And hot.

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And showing Erin what real love can look like. From her nightclub she rules over the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago with ruthless calculation. Though everyone knows her as The Queen of Humboldt, Marisol lives part of her life in the shadows. Ever since he rescued her from a dangerous kidnapper, Mystery Mullins has wanted Axel Dillon. When he returned her to her Hollywood father and tabloid life, she was grateful…and a little in love.

A few drinks in and he leaves with a smoking-hot stranger for some scorching, burn-the-sheets-up sex. Michael Sebastian thought Curacao would be the perfect place to have a little fun in the sun—and between the sheets.

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So far, no one has struck his interest, until Sam Anderson walks into the bar. With one look at his tense body and expensive suit, Michael knows that this is a man in need of release. And Michael is more than willing to lend a hand.

Will a blackout change everything for these unlikely lovers? She fell into his arms. It was a night filled with secrets, lies…and soul-stealing passion. She even has to share custody of the dog! The stress is killing her, so she decides to take a night off and attend the Breakup Bash—a private party for women celebrating their breakups—with her friends. Former executive security specialist turned bartender Rome Collier is drawn to the woman easily trading sexy banter with him. Rivals for the runways. Enemies in the industry. Fashion executive Riley Gold knows that appearances are everything.

Cleo Wright is just a happy scammer on a mission to rob a rich man before his ex-wife or the federal government seize all of his money and possessions. But Robert Shimizu is just that man. The two share a night of fast cars, expensive champagne and the best sex of her life. Being naughty was nice, but now these friends-turned-lovers are in for an unforgettable Christmas… Just when Kaitlyn Barnes vows to get over her longtime crush on Rafe Langdon, they share a sizzling evening that delivers an epic holiday surprise: Kaitlyn is pregnant.

I love redheaded men. Yes, redhe. Any shade from strawberry to bright sunset to hot-rod red. I love gingers and they love me. I love the way their freckles stand out. I love the way their necks get red when they get hot, sunburned or turned on. Because tonight, you belong to the King of the Sea. Some say myth…. After escaping his family, coming out as a gay trans man, and excelling in computer programming out of desperation to get financially stable or die, everything should be easy.

I felt all wrong until I met you. Jesse Stone is rebuilding his life. And then he slept with his hunky new neighbor. Jesse needs to focus on work, but all he can think about is getting Finn between his hands like a perfectly-shaped work of clay. Who has time for love? Not this woman. Law student and former wild child Tabitha Wells is going places. Not serious, serious… right?

If you do have time for love, can you make love work?

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Advertising executive Nick Wong loves living in Toronto. He loves late nights partying and taking women back to his penthouse. And so it is with great reluctance that he returns to his boring hometown of Mosquito Bay for Thanksgiving. This year, however, is even worse than usual. His interfering parents and grandparents, frustrated with the lack of weddings in the family, have invited blind dates for him and his three siblings. It was only supposed to be a vacation romance: passionate, exciting—and short-lived. But when Jewel Henley arrived for her first day of work at a new job, she realized her exotic lover was in fact Piers Anetakis, her boss.

It was meant to be a one-night stand, a one and done. However, as Marisa Price and Aidan Graywolf discover, life never plays fair. A divorce has left Marisa with trust issues and her personal life void of romantic entanglements, which suits her just fine. For him, she was the one from the moment he saw her.

He would never regret it, but what he would regret is walking away. Then she appears in his life again and he is floored by all he truly walked away from. It will never happen again, no matter what. After a divorce from her cheating football player ex, PR whiz Kim Matlock would rather drive a pine tree through her walled-off heart than work at the Seattle Wedding Expo.

And the last thing she expects is to be grabbed and kissed breathless by a hot giant of a man looking to fend off a stalker. He just had the best night of his life… with a completely off limits woman. When Jax sets his mind on something, the task is as good as done.

And with a coveted promotion within sight, he feels unstoppable. After my wife died from a rare form of cancer, sex was the last thing on my mind. Same with hockey, the other love of my life. Women like a guy who makes them laugh. Enter Natalie. Hot, sexy, smart, and my new assistant.

I do my best to stay far away from the kind of temptation she brings to work. Reunited for one night… Bound forever by the consequence! Maddie and Theo have two things in common: 1. Alexa is their best friend 2. The Fernandez sisters have always had big dreams, and the talent and drive to pursue them.

And in this sunny, spicy new series, each one will discover that success is that much sweeter when love follows. Have you ever set out to have a one night stand with a sexy stranger? Just kidding, I would never. Not usually. But then I figured, why not? No job. No apartment. No boyfriend. A reward for being good. Sure, a new pair of shoes would be more appropriate, but Mr. And a hard man is even better.

Oliver Burns knew sneaking out on the most delicious one-night-stand he ever had would come back and bite him in the ass. So what? And doing it well, thank you very much. Relationships are a thing of the past for Eva Montgomery. Her current motto? Now that her cousin has tied the knot, Iris Chin—structural engineer, party girl, and queen of kitchen disasters—is the last single grandchild. She enjoys her independence, thank you very much.

One-night stands are more her style. Claire celebrating what she loves most: hot guys, great dogs, big families…and true love. Getting in deep has never felt this good… Commercial diving instructor Tara Hunter nearly lost everything in an accident that saw her medically discharged from the navy. From the New York Times bestselling author, K.

Bromberg, comes a new series about three brothers, the job that calls them, and the women who challenge them. I never want to see you again. Men who seem too good to be true…usually are. Alex has been living the good life. When her car breaks down off the side of a lonely highway far from her sunny Miami home, tattoo artist Lia never expected her very own white knight to ride up on the back of a barely street-legal motorcycle…and she never expected to fall for her dark savior.

Millie Morris has always been one of the guys. And she, just like her four best guy friends and fellow professors, is perma-single.

Looking for steamy one nighter

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