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No matter how old you are, you can always learn a thing or two when it comes to sex. More specifically, oral sex.

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She will be unable to walk, talk or function like a normal human being for at least 30 minutes after. Below you will find a set of instructions followed by some useful pussy eating tips. I suggest you read both multiple times and practice as much as you can:. Before we get into the specifics, we first need to go over the important stuff that you probably missed in school because you giggled so much.

That is the anatomy of the female vagina. Once you understand how each part works, it will be easier for you to make her orgasm and not fumble around like a moron. Everything you need to know about her pussy. With the anatomy covered, you need to know the two most important areas that need stimulation from your fingers:. Pro tip: There are multiple types of female orgasms your girl can have, so you have everything you need below to give her the best ride of her life.

Comfort is very important for all women. Women want to feel comfortable, secure and wanted. Get the mood lighting right, check the temperature of the room is neutral, your bed sheets should be clean, alcohol can be a great relaxant and maybe even a few candles women love candles. Find some chill out music on Spotify or YouTube and let it run in the background to give a relaxed vibe in the room. Think dial, not switch when sexual arousal is concerned.

Women are like dials, not switches. So before you can even go down on her, turn her on. But some general tips would be; kiss her neck, grab her bum, slowly undress her, suck on her nipples, rub her pussy whilst her knickers are still on, talk dirty to her. Foreplay might seem like a chore, but I can assure you, the better you get at foreplaythe easier it will be to get her to cum from oral.

The magical formula for getting her to orgasm. Hint… use your tongue as a tool. Sucking her clit immediately is a bad move. This is a mistake a lot of guys make. Think of it as the final piece of the puzzle. Kiss around her vagina first, inner thighs are a great erogenous zone. Stop over her vagina and breathe slowly, so she can feel your warm breath.

This will increase her anticipation. Use this trick. Begin slowly licking the labia minora lips for a minute or so. She should be groaning, wriggling and grabbing your hair. After a few minutes, then start sucking her clit. Use your tongue to softly kiss her clitoris, lick it and suck on it.

Now things are in full swing and she should be on her way to orgasming.

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Verbal and nonverbal. However non-verbal will be the most prominent. Always use your fingers when eating a girl out. You could and should use a finger, heck, use two fingers. Whilst your mouth is on her clit, insert your index finger and slowly slide it into her vagina, use the backwards stroking method to stimulate her g-spot also used when trying to make a girl squirt. She will be gasping for air at this point because it feels so freakin good.

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These are the most popular oral sex positions that if done correctly, should drive your girl bonkers. Just remember to keep the same consistent movements with your mouth and tongue. Use this pussy eating checklist every time you lick a girls vagina.

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This is a very broad question. Most do yes. But every woman is different, so you need to either ask them or just go down on them and see if they say no. You should learn to love it. Sure, experiment with certain sex toys and see what she likes.

Ask her if she has any suggestions or fantasies and give them a go. I love tongue fucking wet juicy pussy especially when she is wearing something slutty mini skirt so can rip her k knickers off easier to bend her over and get kept her from behind with a little short mini skirt on you can do a lot more than just lick her pussy. A complete guide to eating pussy.

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Learn the secrets that most guys will never know. Is She Interested In You?

Looking to eat a girl out

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