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It does so while still responding with satisfy ing feedback clicks. It will satisfy your user and, at the same time, increase the chances of appearing in featured snippets. At 50 mil, the movie has to be great and totally satisfy ing. The way it was executed was maybe not satisfy ing to people, and it was in no way tied up in a bow. His target splits with a satisfy ing rumble, and then the fragments detonate as he strafes them with more bullets. But that was not a satisfy ing news for the environmentalists. Huge exposure, feet of air below you, the sun setting, the hard work to get there— it was so satisfy ing.

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The Dowager looked from one to the other, as if she were weighing the men and satisfy ing herself that Marius ran no risk. If there is a surplus after satisfy ing the mortgage debt it must be paid to the mortgagor, or, if he is dead, to his heir. The miner's daughter was so beatifically happy that the girls found a new and most satisfy ing thrill in her enjoyment.

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It was impossible to resist an existence which gave me an easy means of satisfy ing the thousand caprices of Marguerite. New Word List Word List. Save This Word!

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See synonyms for satisfy on Thesaurus. Give these words new meaning by adding them to your lexical repertoire and proving that untranslatable words translate pretty well to your vocab. Satisfy, content refer to meeting one's desires or wishes.

To satisfy is to meet to the full one's wants, expectations, etc. To content is to give enough to keep one from being disposed to find fault or complain: to content oneself with a moderate meal. Words related to satisfy gratifyplacateelatefascinateflatteramusedelightentertainmollifyappeaseassuagedoaccomplishprovidereassureassureconvincemeetcomply withreward.

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Michael C. Martin's Summer Rafael Sabatini. The Daisy Chain Charlotte Yonge. Derived forms of satisfy satisfiableadjective satisfiernoun satisfyingadjective satisfyinglyadverb.

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