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Everyone is sort of looking over her shoulder. The bodies of Roxanne Ellis54, and Michelle Abdill42, were found in the back of their pickup in an apartment building parking lot on Thursday, said Lt. Tom Lavine. The causes of death were not revealed by police but sources in Oregon said at least one of the women may have been beheaded.

Police said they were seeking a man who was seen several times in the area of a duplex apartment that Ellis, a real estate agent, had shown a potential customer on Monday evening before she disappeared. He was described only as a "person of interest" in police broadcasts and teletypes.

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The man was believed to be driving a late model sedan with California plates. Ellis and Abdill had been domestic partners for many years and both were high-profile gay rights activists in the Medford-Ashland community.

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Abdill frequently wrote in the newsletter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. Ellis and Abdill ran a property management firm in Medford. Ellis' daughter, Lorri, told the Medford Mail Tribune she last saw her mother Monday morning when she went to meet a potential customer at a duplex. Normally, Lorri Ellis said, there would be a record of the customer's name, but this time there was none.

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Later on Monday, she received a call from her mother saying she had to do some shopping, but in retrospect, she said, her mother seemed subdued in the call. Police said Ellis called Abdill about 5 p. They were never seen again until police searched the pickup that a cable company installer had discovered.

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After their disappearance, dozens of volunteers helped search for them, posters were put up throughout the area in southern Oregon and a candlelight vigil was held. Medford police, who said they were investigating the murders as a hate crime, said there had been vague threats against the victims in the past but offered no other details. There was widespread fear that the slayings may have been related to the women's gay rights activities. Mike Moran said Friday. Byrne described Medford as fairly homophobic and said anti-gay feeling had been more visible since the Measure 9 campaign.

Residents in the apartment building said the pickup had been out there since Monday night while the whole Medford police force was looking for it.

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And I'm supposed to feel safe that the Medford police are protecting me? Yeah, right. Measure 9 failed statewide by 57 to 43 percent, but passed in 21 of Oregon's 36 counties. The measure would have defined homosexuality as abnormal and perverse and required state and local governments to discourage it.

Jackson County, in which Medford and Ashland are located, voted for both Measure 9 and a local ordinance sponsored by the conservative Oregon Citizens Alliance that prohibited any government recognition or promotion of homosexual rights.

Medford oregon lesbian.

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