Nudist clubs in wales

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The main problems I have found are: There are very few naturist locations in this area I am, for most of the time, single and male : I am a member of CCBN and have been a member of a club in the south of England.

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I have also been to several naturist locations overseas. Any body interested??? What is CCBN? Bryan Kennerley bry Right - you're new to the area and first thing you want to do is form a new group without even considering whether or not your new group will be welcome. How about your own back garden? And if it's so important to you why did you move here in the first place - or is this some sort of crusade? Maybe this is trying to tell you something - maybe you look more alluring when you're wearing something?

Bully for you - probably warmer there too. However, I believe that in the past a naturist group did try to make part of Llanddwyn beach a naturist location, and another on the coast in Meirionydd - but with little success. Hmm, uk. I'm sorry but anybody who would want to wander around, say, any of the beaches on Anglesey in the scuddy with the sort of cold bloody weather you get in North Wales has to be off their rocker!! IIRC, it was proposed for part of Penmaenmawr beach a few years ago but it met a fair bit of local resistance - the town councillors were either morally opposed or just incredulous, for much the same reasons as Alun above.

Not to mention that Pen beach isn't exactly secluded! The original post didn't actually mention a beach though. Nudists can meet anywhere that have a degree of privacy. ISTR that the Sandcastle in Blackpool is regularly let out to nudist groups, and swimming pools generally are similarly let out heated, of course. Somehow I don't think that Rhyl Sun Centre would work though - too many windows.

How many of us natives are you speaking for, Mair? I can think of far worse clubs to have in the vicinity than one involving a bunch of nutters wandering around in the buff. I didn't realise that swimming trunks were worn for warmth. Still, I suppose some parts feel the cold more than others. As for Llanddwyn not being a success for naturists, have you been there lately?

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The stretch of beach beyond Llanddwyn Island on the Malltraeth side has long been regarded by many as an unofficial nudist beach. Personally, I have no problems with that. The vast majority of naturists using the beach are extremely discreet. I don't know why they opposed it! It might have bought a bit more life to the place. It's probably the most miserable place for miles ever since the expressway was built And isn't exactly clean either! Mind you, if they did have a nudist thing there, the accident rate on the expressway would increase dramatically I wondered if I'd get a reaction!

However, I do object to people moving in to an area, and immediately trying to make things like it was where they are from e. My negative response was more of a reaction to the tone of the posting. BTW, I thought that local objection in the Niwbwrch area had curtailed the use of Llanddwyn as a nudist beach? Unfortunately, most of the ones at Llanddwyn would definitely look better clothed, which is why I appreciate their discretion. I think you're reading an awful lot into his post.

He wasn't enquiring about groups etc because presumably he had already done so and found none. That being the case, why shouldn't he set up a new group? It will only work if there is sufficient interest. If it does work, then I don't think it will become a serious threat to the culture of North Wales.

It's not as if he's planning to open a branch of MacDonalds or something is it? As an official one maybe, but the local plod have better things to do than sneak around the dunes with binoculars on work time, at least. But then naturism isn't about looking attractive or sexy, there are as many nudist pensioners as there are nudist firm bodied hunks and hunkesses. Maybe you're right - maybe I was being slightly over-sensitive to the tone of the posting - only slightly mind you :!

But, I still think that an awful lot of people who move into a new area don't consider for even a moment that there might be differences between their home base and their chosen area - and that le to problems and bad feelings between locals and newcomers. You seem to know an awful lot about the naturists of Llanddwyn Willy and the habits of the local bobbies! I tend to only go there in Winter for a nice brisk walk along the beach - but obviously the natural wild-life is more active when you go :. I live a couple of miles away, plus another three or so through the woods. In fact I popped down last night for a cycle and swim and saw a barn owl, a buzzard and the usual flocks of ravens, so you could be right!

I left my bike and climbed over the dunes to come out about half way along the Malltraeth beach. There were a couple of surfers half a mile away towards Llanddwyn Island but otherwise I had the place to myself. Which was nice. Reply to author. Report message as abuse. Show original message. Either addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member addresses permission to view the original message.

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Philip Brown. Willy Eckerslyke. When and where are you forming your club?

Nudist clubs in wales

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