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I have contacted you before—never receiving any response. I feel he has done more to divide this country than any other president. When he began to disparage our policemen growing a movement of disrespect for our men in blue, you never said a word. When he started with racist remarks that have contributed to the increase of the growing racial divide we now experience, you never spoke up. You supported Obamacare even though it has proved a disaster and admitted it was intended to be by its author.

Your party is no longer the Democratic party my immigrant father supported one hundred years ago. It has become the Communist Party bent on taking over this country! You might even change my mind about you! Apple Muskegon, MI. Our democracy is at a social and environmental crossroad.

Be part of choosing which direction we take! The best new thing about voting this year is we all have access to absentee ballots. You need not leave the house to cast your vote. You must be registered to vote before you can ask to absentee vote. Note that the current state absentee ballot application is for both the March presidential primary and the November full election. On your application you can also request to be placed on the permanent absentee voter list.

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If you never voted because you think nothing ever changes; now is your chance to change that. I am SafeServ Certified. Hughes, are denying meand other Veterans who may come forth in the future, our State given Right to Vend Food in Muskegon Charter Township, for more than 30 days. However, since this is new to her and her firm, we are in need of addition help by other Veterans and anyone else who is interested in engaging into this battle, to protect the Right of Veteran Peddlers and Vendors.

He served served nine terms in the Connecticut General Assembly, three terms in the Massachusetts Legislature, and four years as a judge. One of the first Founding Fathers to call for a Constitutional Convention, he was also one of the most active in the ratification of the Constitution. He was responsible for the copyright and patent protection clause of the Constitution and wrote textbooks. He strongly believed that all Americans should speak the same language, and he was quite concerned about spelling and pronunciation. Hence, he compiled the first American dictionary. His first edition was published in with 37, words.

He published two more the following year. He spent the rest of his life cataloguing words. Inhe completed his final dictionary, one with 70, words. In the month of April last, I made a profession of faith. This unusual revival was a part of the Great Awakening that shook America in the early 19th Century. This is genuine Christianity, and to this we owe our free constitutions of government. Education in a nation will propagate the religion of that nation. In America, the foundational religion was Christianity.

And it was sown in the hearts of Americans through the home and private and public schools for centuries. Our liberty, growth, and prosperity was the result of a Biblical philosophy of life. Our continued freedom and success is dependent on our educating the youth of America in the principles of Christianity. InFruitport residents hit the polls to show the MADL we meant business when it came to providing funds to our library. The Fruitport Library began the process of becoming its own library district.

We as voters, library staff and volunteers, board members, and all residents of Fruitport, did not work so hard to fund our library just to see it collapse after only 3 years, did we? Local residents who other districts may be charged a non-resident fee by their new libraries for their new library cards.

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Some libraries do not have non-resident programs at all. Voters may have believed their property taxes would be raised to a point even higher than the amount necessary to support the 1. Then, this thinking would have been a huge mistake. Now, thinking like this will be disastrous, since we may not get another chance to vote on this millage for a long time. As a result of the misunderstanding between our Fruitport District Library and the general public of Fruitport, our library proposal was voted down in August and lost by 90 votes. Our library, the jobs of the good people who run it, and the many services and programs it provides, will hang on our decision to vote for the renewal of funding for the library we worked so hard to create.

Information is also available on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, October 17th, at pm, when the library board meeting is held at the Township Hall. An open discussion on the millage will be held that will then lead into the board meeting itself. The library will also be holding a book sale on the week leading up to the election, November 1st-6th, where information about the millage will be available and staff will be able to answer questions you may still have.

Public information can be distributed by citizens of Fruitport, and by our library. Information can be distributed at the polls feet or farther from the polling place. We worked hard to get our library, and we have to put in the voting power to keep it! When I first moved to Fruitport about 10 years ago, I immediately fell in love with the charm of the village.

I quickly discovered the little library by the park and felt welcomed by the staff and other patrons. Two years ago there was a vote to separate from the Muskegon Area District Library and I voted against because I did not want to lose what had meant so much to me. The vote to separate passed and after a few months of transition the Fruitport District Library begin to take shape. Over the past two years I have watched our community come together to create an astounding library. Our library provides more than just a large collection of books or even the access to books from other libraries.

It provides more than just a wonderful staff who are able to help us or a place for people to be able to use the computers. The Fruitport Dristrict Library is a place of connection, of people, of the community coming together where all are welcomed and encouraged to be a part. If the doors close, not only do we lose our library, but we lose part of who we, as a community, are.

Dear Fruitport residents, My name is Darlene Field and have been living in this area since Recently the community decided to be an independent library. So therefore we as a community need to step up and fund our library — Books — programs, etc! So at the present time we have a millage of. At the end of the year this millage goes away.

Therefore a millage is on the Nov. This is not new. It is not! It will be exactly the same. So please vote on Nov. The current. The requested. As a former Fruitport Library director, I urge you to support our library and help us move forward. Trust me, our children and our community as a whole will benefit. Love our library. I love this little library and want to see this millage pass because it is a very important place for kids to come and read and be inspired to use their imaginations. To me, this library is a place where you can go a million places and never leave your comfortable chair.

It inspires my creativity and offers children a safe place to hang out and do homework and get involved in activities that may be scheduled for that day. Everyone is busy, we are all trying to find a little time for relaxation, exercise, family. Fruitport is a great place to live. I was especially proud of our residents when we voted to take control of our own library and withdrew from the MADL. It seemed like a big job to get everything up and running but the people did it.

I had to consider why and I believe a miscommunication is to blame. As I mentioned everyone is busy and trying their best to spend their time wisely. The newly approved Fruitport District Library was asking for the same amount of money over the same length of time as we used to pay the MADL.

I voted yes, and I will vote yes again on November 6th.

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Our oldest is in college now, her love of reading and her time at Fruitport High School served her well, she excelled on the English portion of her SATs. The baby was two when we moved here, she is 13 now and still loves going to the library. I have to take books away from her to convince her to do other schoolwork.

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I still feel like we have a great place here- the people and the setting. The millage on the ballot November 6th is our last minute chance; please spend your valuable time voting yes. The library is important to me. Many access our local library through the internet for books, music, movies and other programs, but I simply like to walk into the building and check out my books. I also appreciate that they have other walk in services such as internet use, copy services and more.

The ballot language is confusing, but I understand the. It is not really new or additional, but more like a renewal. On February 27 it was reported by Buzzfeed News that Planned Parenthood was getting involved in the gun control debate. Planned Parenthood has pledged their support to the March for our Lives event on March Would that fact not be reported on a near-constant basis? What about National Right to Life?

The howling would be deafening and unending. Their mission creep goes beyond gun control. In the last year Planned Parenthood has involved itself in nearly every major public policy issue. Planned Parenthood is a de facto political party now; they have a platform that extends to every major policy issue.

Without your tax dollars, Planned Parenthood would have to drastically rethink their business model. Planned Parenthood is treating the U. Treasury as a political slush fund to help them flex their muscles into every aspect of your life. Hollywood knows where the money is so it pours out the violence.

Movies such as Hunger Games, had no respect for nor value to human life. Teens watch videos that make death laughable. Many of our school massacres were committed by teens immersed in the culture of death. Until American begins to see that mankind is made in the image of God and has a sacred value our communities and our schools will be riddled with violence of some sort.

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America needs a cultural change. Teens nation-wide are being asked to demonstrate against guns, hopefully they will protest against violence and turn from their own lust for violence via entertainment. There is a choice between life and death. It might help if the Ten Commandments were posted in public places. The Moral Laws of God would be a good foundation to build upon. Remember these three things: Hitler took over Germany by [1] controlling the police [Gestopo] and [2] appointing high-ranking military officers to the [SS] controlling secret service and FBI.

The so-called Socialist hide under the guise communist party. Is there no way to fight back using the media? Soros has openly declared war against FOX News and vowed to close it down! Who is going to run for the next president in on the democratic ticket Joseph Stalin? Carl Marx? What does not seem to bother Americans is the fact that the Communist party has had an election seat on the presidential ballot since Ninety percent of all immigrants coming to America in the last 20 years have known only communism their whole life!

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Who do you think they will vote for? Are we three years away from the most violent, bloody, civil war in world history?

Sex chat room in Fruitport United States

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