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Abstract: Underutilized species are often referred to as plants whose potential has not been fulfilled yet. These plants may be meaningful as food, nutrient source, and, besides that, they often show medicinal properties important to the local population.

Most respondents For all the evaluated locations, Camu-Camu was the least known fruit, and the same take place to its consumption, according to consumer reports, while Abiu was the best known as well as the most consumed in 3 of 4 of the fairs analyzed. This market renders important function in feeding several families and breeding formal and informal jobs Cunha,and the consumer market is the main factor fostering merchants and producers, tly with the product price, and feeding tradition and culture. Marituba possesses Padulosi et al.

Therefore, it is important to stress that the assessed fruits are underused mainly in some regions of Brazil especially the north and northeast regionand may have feeding importance, but lack, or have few, economic impacts. These agricultural crops are often used for feeding to obtain fibers, oils, and may be used for medicinal purposes. Despite these species have prospects as a feeding source, to guarantee income, Ambiental advantages as well as to spurs human health, they are underexploited hitherto Malkanthi, Most of these fruits are relatively cheap and have a high nutrient content.

They are well known for their medicinal and curative properties, and some local tribes use them to health some diseases. Besides that, their fruits, seeds, and leaves are used in the Indian and Ayurveda traditional medicine as well Dahanayake, The interviews occurred during Novembermainly in the morning, in the following days: 12, 25, 19, and 26, respectively. The collected data was organized in Excel virtual spreheet, and, afterward, submitted to descriptive statistics to infer both the socioeconomic profile of the customers as much as their preference for those fruits.

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The first four questions of the questionnaires revolved around the profile of the customers, as shown ahead: 1 - Sex of the consumer male or female ; 2 - Age of the consumer; 3 - The wealth of the consumer s of minimum wages ; 4 - Education stage of the consumer. The next three questions concerned the knowledge, consumption as well as usages of the fruits, being possible to choose more than one option, therefore the same customer may be in two or more of these options in the afterward analysis.

Benevides portrays the same observed in the Berno study, in which the interviewees were between 26 and 45, being a younger population. Furthermore, the average age from Cidade Nova was the bigger among all of them As it can be observed in Table 3it entails the result of the education stage of interviewees is mainly complete high school, which ed for Only at the fair from the municipality of Benevides, the percentage is the same in both sexes. In contrast with the studies of Garciashowed the female sex in greater vigor with As shown in chart 01among the interviewees only 2.

The less known fruit was Camu-Camu both in the net On the other hand, Abiu was the most known fruit concerning net. Oliveira et al.

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To all the assessed locations, Camu-Camu was claimed to be less consumed, probably because it is less known, as described ly. However, as per the present analysis, Abiu was considered more consumed. Chart 03 Consumption of the assessed fruits in percentage. Source: Own Source.

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The same may be realized to each of the places evaluated, with in natura being the chief way of consumption. The consumers are mainly older than 46 years and are made up more commonly by men, therefore, the customers of these fruits might be regarded as an elder and male public, Benevides being an exception. Camu-Camu, meanwhile, was less known as well as the less consumed fruits. Alves, R. M; Souza, L. F And Pontes, A. Berno, N. D And Silva, P. Bezerra, A. And Silva, J. M, Cunha, J. Guarabira, Brasil Cf. Dahanayake, N. Some neglected and underutilized fruit-crops in Sri Lanka.

Garcia, W. A; Sardinha, A. Brazilian Applied Science Review, Rio de Janeiro.

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Acesso em: 21 jan. Malkanthi, S. Journal Of Agricultural Sciences. Oliveira, I. Research, Society And Development. Padulosi, S. In: Engels, J. Managing Plant Genetic Diversity.

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Cabi Publishing. Rocha, F. Sacramento, C. Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura.

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Watanabe, H. Carlos Augusto Cavalcante de Oliveira 1 augustocavalcantecarlos gmail. Pedro Lucas Oliveira dos Santos 2 pedrolucassantos gmail.

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