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As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made on Amazon in addition to other retailers featured on the blog. Thank you, we appreciate your support! When personal assistant, Theresa, asked me to put together a stylish business trip packing list, I jumped at the chance to re-visit my old lifestyle! She wanted to know how to pack for a business trip in a way that was sleek and sophisticated but not corporate with an element of style.

In my lifeI worked for a company that required corporate business attire — in the fashion industry. No way was I going to wear a suit! If you mix and match 3 bottoms with 4 tops, that equals 12 outfits. Add the dress and you have 2 full weeks of unique looks! Tip: Creating a interchangeable capsule wardrobe is the key to simplified packing, which can easily fit into a carryon suitcase with the help of packing cubes to compress your clothing!

Lose the crisp white button up and choose one in your favorite color, pattern, or in a feminine fabric. My favorite options are a royal blue oxford shirt or a vintage style ivory button up trimmed in touches of lace. Tops with longer sleeves are more appropriate in big meetings or in conservative work environments than sleeveless unless paired with a blazer.

If you get one stain on a white shirt, game over. On a blue shirt — not so obvious. If your trousers and skirts are all solid colors like black, choose tops in a variety of prints or stripes to keep your look from becoming too mundane. Basic black is always a classic look but you can change it up by choosing a seasonal fabric or print. For winter, tweed, corduroy, or velvet depending on the trends.

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For summer, a bright or pale hue in a lighter fabric are good options. Choose a different fabric, color, and style whether its high waist pants or skinny fit. Check out the Anatomie Skyler travel pants for awesome trousers you can wear to work and for travel, too!

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Nothing feels better than a comfortable pair of jeans. Avoid trendy jeans with rips or hardware. Choose a classic cut whether a slim fit or boot leg that will look great dressed up with a blazer or casual and comfortable with flats. A couple of inches is a good rule of thumb.

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Take another pair of trousers following the seasonal styles. However, the cut and styling of the dress is more important than the color. Dresses that are meant for the day are better options than the ones meant for the night time.

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With so many options in the stores, a stylish blazer should be easy to find. Along with your main blazer, take another blazer, coat, or cardigan. Shoes are the big one for me. Find an incredible pair of shoes that will leave all the other fashionistas drooling. You can wear the most simple outfit so long as you have statement shoes. One of the best ways to alleviate sore feet is to change shoes so bring at least 3 pairs of fashionably practical shoes that you can rotate. So I wore heels with my secret weapon: Dr.

They truly are a life saver! The rest of the time, a pair of sexy flats work. Pointy or more narrow toes tend to look dressier and more fashion forward than round toe.

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The last, but certainly not least, element of your business packing list is the accessories. This is where you have to be very careful. In a professional environment, especially meetings, the last thing you want is gaudy, excessive jewelry. Choose minimal yet sophisticated accessories and make sure each piece counts — just like the shoes. As always, a scarf has the ability to transform an outfit. Take two purses or handbags; one for the day and one for night. Need to get more mileage out of your business trip packing list?

Take a cue from these alternate business looks you can create. If you need a more conservative business trip packing list, check out the Travel Fashion Girl Facebook featuring an alternative Business Trip Packing List for you. Planning a mix of adventure and business? Check out deer travel clothing for women Anatomie and the variety of travel outfits I created using just ten clothing pieces. Comment and let me know which one you prefer, or share what you would add to your business trip packing list.

I found your article very helpful. My corporate position has transformed to a full time travel position. Yay, so happy to hear that you found the article helpful Charlene!! Hope this parking trick could save some space. And I do like your other works. Hi Kasuni, thanks for your question! I have always been fan of you guys, you actually make the whole packing much more easier. I am one of those person who always tend to overpack, but now seeing this list makes me realize that for my 2 weeks business trips around the world, probably I dont need 2 full suitcases!

I would really appreciate it! Thank you! Could you share them? Hi Emma, the items usually sell out as soon as we publish the post. Hi, I loved your travel wardrobe. I just wish that for those of us on the heavier side, more travel pant options were available. I have used this list as my base and added an intense colour coordinating trench for travelling in the changeable seasons, as it can be worn as a jacket in the ofice as well as out over jeans and dresses.

Biggest issue is the control underwear required for a wardrobe with skirts and dresses. Belinda, thanks for your comment and for reading and being such an avid supporter of Travel Fashion Girl! Again, thank you for reading and happy travels! Could you recommend a purse to use so that all my clothes for a day trip could fit as a carry on that is versatile and still looks professional? Do you have any tips for packing for a summer internship in SE Asia, but will entail travel on the side? I love this packing list! I use it all the time when I have business trips to Vegas, Cali and Utah.

And how perfect is it that you used my favorite colors, black, white and blue! Keep up the good work. Great article — thanks! And the mesh on the tank looks cute — but how hardy does it feel? Will it be alright bearing a bag with work stuff laptop etc all day? Hi Luca, Thanks for commenting! This list is perfect! Totally love that dress!

Where is it from? I used this list last week for my trip from Vegas to Boston! Except I added 3 more pieces! It was insanely perfect! Thanks Alex! This is a really useful article! I am not really that experimental in terms of clothing colors black-white-brown girl here lol. Thank you so much for this! You are an angel! This will definitely help me in in my next travel adventure.

I love this list — I travel lots for work and will definitely use this next time I pack for a business trip. Work — if you are listening, can you please send me on a business trip so I have a valid excuse to pack like this?! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Keep reading and check out my business professional packing list!

Business Trip Packing List In my lifeI worked for a company that required corporate business attire — in the fashion industry. Accessories The last, but certainly not least, element of your business packing list is the accessories. Alternate Business Look Need to get more mileage out of your business trip packing list?

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Sexy business traveler

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