Sorry dont take this personal

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You mess up. You express remorse.

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You accept responsibility. You do something to rectify the mess-up. For most of us, the general pillars of apologizing are outlined around second grade. But apologies—the sincere and successful ones—are usually more nuanced than that. Even with the best intentions, we can miss our mark. When therapist Jennifer Thomas brought the idea up to Gary Chapman author of The 5 Love Languages —aka relationship gospelit resonated. A little background: The idea of the five love languages is that how we express affection falls into certain communication styles: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch.

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These patterns of behavior are developed over time and determine what we understand as love. The similarities between love and apology languages seemed uncanny to Chapman and Thomas. So they did what counselors do: They talked to people. In fact, they asked thousands of Americans two questions: When you apologize, what you typically say or do? And when someone is apologizing to you, what do you want them to say or do?

One or two apology languages will be required in what any individual considers to be a genuine apology.

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Expressing regret. Accepting responsibility. A second apology language is actually accepting responsibility for our behavior, often with the words:. Making restitution. A third apology language is offering to make restitution, perhaps by saying things like:. Genuinely repenting. four is expressing the desire to change. This is communicating to the person not only that you feel badly about what you did but also that your desire is not to do it again.

What are you going to do about it? What they want is for you express some desire to change the behavior, and many times, if you do that, the two of you can talk and find a way so that you can break that habit. I have to be honest, this one was not on my radar personally.

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You can usually tell what types of apology people accept by paying attention to the ones they give. If you hold it inside, the hurt and the anger will become bitterness and eventually hatred. Can you help me? I blew it. I took it the wrong way. A lot of men ask me this question. If it has hurt the relationship, in that sense, it is wrong. And I sometimes give this example in my own life: I had been gone three or four days for speaking events, and when I returned home, my wife had had one of our chairs reupholstered.

It happened to be a chair that I sat in every morning to put my shoes on. Now, what I said was not morally wrong. However, what I did was wrong in the sense that it hurt our relationship. My words hurt her deeply, and so I apologized. That was stupid of me to respond like that. I really do and I appreciate all the time you spent looking for it. Forgiveness is not a feeling. Forgiveness is a choice, and the choice is to remove the barrier between us.

It goes away when we are willing to apologize and when we choose to forgive. So even if you apologize to me and even if I choose to forgive you, the memory will still come back to me of what you did. What forgiveness does is open the door to the possibility that trust can be reborn. But if you allow those emotions to control your behavior, you will likely make things worse. When you have a painful memory, just remind yourself, yes, I was hurt, but they apologized, and I forgave them. If there is no forgiveness, the relationship does not go forward.

It does mean that the relationship is fractured. You are doing things you never did before. If your partner is willing to forgive you, then the relationship can go forward, even after a deep offense like that. Now I will throw this in I run into this often in my office : Forgiving a partner who has had an affair does not restore trust. Forgiveness does not equal trust. What forgiveness does is open the door to the possibility that trust can be rebuilt.

So to the spouse who had an affair: If you want your partner to trust you again, then you have to be trustworthy. My computer is yours any time you want to look at it. Trust takes time and effort to rebuild. It may take six months or nine months or more. Sometimes people are troubled after an apology, and even after they verbalize forgiveness, they need to build the trust back. I remember when my son was about six or seven, the two of us were in the kitchen, and he accidentally knocked a glass off the table. It hit the floor, and it broke.

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Nothing wrong with knocking a glass off the table. The second and most important part is that the child hears you apologize. If you, for example, lose control, and you yell and scream atyou apologize to the. And last night I asked your dad to forgive me and he did. I want to apologize to you kids tonight because children should never have to hear their father and mother yell at each other. I want to ask you kids if you will forgive me. The five apology languages are: 1.

I know you wanted to go. I regret that, but let me make it up to you. Can we talk? Why is forgiveness important? Do these apology languages hold the same power for more serious offenses? Your model is the most important way to teach your children to apologize. You may also like.

Sorry dont take this personal

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What It Takes to Give (and Receive) a Good Apology