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If you are looking for Swingers in Florida, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Florida looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Florida Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within miles of the city in you Florida selected. There aren't many actual members on this site. It's like growing up in a very rural area where K is all housed in one building. By the time you graduate, you've pretty much fucked everyone that was willing to fuck you.

The actual s in your area meaning REAL people behind the profile do not support a robust lifestyle community. It's a bit like going to a carnival with only two rides. One you've ridden them, there's nothing left to do. LOL Just done a quick search, and the their are well over 4, profiles listed within 11 miles of my house. And that does not include some very large areas north and south of us.

I realize many are fake, inactive, etc That is ALL bullshit. If you have profiles just in your area, one of the least populated states in the country, this site would be exploding with activity. It's not. Nationwide, this site rarely shows more than people online at any given time. In the entire country. Swingular has a bot program that constantly generates fake profiles all day, every day. They're pretty easy to spot. Swingular also activates dead profiles and allows them to show as "being online" when they aren't.

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The whole thing is a farce. We've been active in the swinging community for 30 years here and in a of different states and can attest to the fact that, per capita, Utah has a comparatively large, active and vibrant swing scene. We've personally met but not necessarily played with hundreds of different couples and we're really not all that active as far as attending parties or going to meet and greets or even meeting people thru the site.

I don't know for certain if Swingular has "bots" but I'm fairly certain that if it did it would be quite easy to tell by seeing replicated photos, etc. It's easy to reverse Google a photo on Swingular and see if it's a stock photo or taken from another site. Hot Wife Anklets - Who knows what they are and notices them?

Yes, women in the "hotwife" lifestyle sometimes wear them. But so do other women of all ages and persuasions. Personally, I wouldn't make any assumptions about a woman's sexual proclivities based on a particular piece of jewelry that she is or isn't wearing. I guarantee that the only connotation it had for her was that she was a wife and her husband thought she was hot.

But if you enjoy wearing them, knock yourself out. Just don't assume all, or even many, of the people you encounter outside of a swingers party will know the implication. And fwiw I've seen more than one tween wearing them at the mall. So there's that You can only see each individual profile picture at a specific GPS coordinate.

The idea is that swingers will bump into each other while they are all out looking for the locations that let them catch each others naked profile pictures. Might just be suffering from mange. We just moved to sunny Florida! After a short hiatus, we are back, after moving to sunny Florida! We are living in the Tampa Bay area, and looking for new friends, to hang with, and hopefully, play with.

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We have been members here for quite sometime, and hope we can make new friends in our new home! Please if you would like to chat, meet, just say HI! Feeling a bit far out in left field. More singles than couples but the singles may lead you to some gatherings or meet an greets.

Also I know its a ways off but when Sturgis is happening there are a few groups that magically pop up around that time keep your eyes open. SLS is a great lifestyle site that can also point you in the right direction. May take a little work but worth the effort. Good luck. Hosts Needed - Looking for local hosts in each major area! We host swingers all the time when in the area We've been in the lifestyle for over 6yrs now and hosting for over 2yrs.

Single Males vs. And I have more married males who's wives ARE around and part of the couple's playtime act inappropriately than I've had single males. But yeah Works wonderfully. And for the other topic that's surfaced.

Plenty of these single men can find dates. They just choose swingers due to their sexual preference. If you wanna get rude and say single men are here cuz they need to steal someone else's girl Or the women for that matter? We're all here cuz we have this particular sexual preference. Now play nice and block those that don't know how. Anyone else notice a lack of swinger hangouts? Aside from making new friends where we meet them and then invite them over for fun later which dont get us wrong we love and will still be doing that BUT, aside from some closed down bars and clubs swingers in slc, ogden, provo and tooele seem to be without a place to hang out.

Hell ive heard little and less about even just identifying each other aside from one remark on lifestyle bracelets and more or less using swingular to meet up. So my question is there no way to just deem certain places and hangouts and wear something to identify ourselves so if other swingers are on the prowl they know were looking as well?

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