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Texting used to be a way to send brief messages to each other that would hold us off until we could have a conversation in person.

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But now texting has become one of the most ificant forms of communication among millennials, and we use it for everything from making work arrangements to forming budding romantic relationships. When it comes to turning a friend into a girlfriend or boyfriend, there are certain texts that a guy will send. In most cases, it will be easy enough to tell that he has romantic feelings for that person. Typically, there are texting patterns we tend to follow when we like someone, such as texting them first, replying to their texts quickly, and editing all our messages so we appear smart and likable to them.

This is simply because asking questions is a way for him to keep the conversation with you flowing, so he obviously likes talking to you. And if he's not interested, they won't be deep questions either.

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When we have feelings for people, we tend to find out as much about them as we can. Good morning and good night texts are the sweetest! Think about it: he thinks about you when he wakes up, and when he goes to sleep.

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Some texting guides completely swear off using emojis once you reach a certain age, especially when it comes to flirting over text and dating in the digital world. Besides, emojis are a way to have a bit of fun, which is what flirting is all about. But we believe that there is still room for long text messages, especially in this day and age where texting is such a ificant form of communication.

He might not be able to say what he truly feels to your face or on the phone, because he might feel too nervous or shy, and so sending you long texts allows him to say how he feels. You know what they say about sober hearts! Text messages that are honest and straightforward from him are a that he could like you as more than just a friend.

It can take a lot of courage to tell someone the truth and to be honest and straightforward rather than play games.

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For example, if he tells you how his day really went especially if it was truly bad! Think again! And just wanting to talk to you definitely reflects deeper feelings than just friendship, in our opinion. People often get worked up about who texts first in the dating game, and sometimes, this really can be ificant.

Either way, this behavior suggests that he likes talking to you and you are important to him! Laughter is one of the keys to a good relationship! Vacations are a time for leaving your regular life behind and either relaxing, finding new adventures, or spending quality time with you. Why else would he choose to talk to you when he could be doing a of other things? He might be trying to find out what your situation is so he can make his move, or he might even be trying to get a deeper conversation flowing to see if you bring up the fact that you like him. If your relationship is full of inside jokes that nobody else really gets, then your text conversations will likely be full of them too.

An inside joke is exclusive to your relationship, which makes it special and ificant. When somebody starts venting to you, it shows that they feel reasonably comfortable in front of you. So if he is coming to you with his problems, it could show that he does trust you not to judge him.

It could show that he wants your advice because he admires you. It could even be a way of letting you into his world to strengthen your relationship—all s that his feelings run deeper than friendship. This one is pretty simple! Compliments are a good.

This is a way to impress you and flatter you, which we tend to do to people we have feelings for. When he sends you texts to confirm the plans you have, it shows that those plans are important to him. On the other hand, if he never confirms, he could be low-key hoping that the plans fizzle out. But it is something to think about! That, in turn, could mean that he likes you. It totally depends on the guy—but hopefully you know him well enough to tell which side he lies on. This is actually a great if you like him because it might mean that he likes you too! If he follows up all your texts with questions and messages that further the conversation and you end up sending ongoing texts throughout the day, it shows that he likes talking to you.

It also shows that he has a lot to say to you, and these are both s that he could be interested in you as more than a friend. Vanessa is one of Valnet's contributing writers.

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