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s are serviced by Constant Contact. The Massage Place is committed to providing the ideal environment for you to receive a quality massage at an affordable price. Our staff can help you select a therapist that meets your specific needs.

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Our therapists are independent business people who understand the importance of providing a professional, quality experience. Our Facilities Our facility managers and their assistants are familiar with all of the therapists and can guide you in selecting those who best fits your needs The priority we give to cleanliness and hygiene is reflected in every aspect of our operation Our convenient, easy-to-park locations add to the concept of a stress-free experience.

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Massage Rates. The above are the prices most commonly charged.

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Why So Affordable There is one simple reason the price is so low; we avoid the costs of a spa atmosphere and the therapists pass the savings on to you! Benefits of a Massage.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(582) 629-4468 x 9097

The Massage Place