Opening to Rugrats: Bedtime Bash 1997 VHS (2001 Reprint)


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Opening to Rugrats: Bedtime Bash 1997 VHS (2001 Reprint)
Moose and Zee

Moose and Zee
Published on 07-05-2021


Here's the 1997 VHS of Rugrats: Bedtime Bash, reprinted in 2001.

The order is:

1. Paramount Logo
2. Coming to Theaters
3. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Theatrical Trailer
4. Paramount Logo
5. Now Available on Videocassette
6. Nick Jr. VHS Trailer (Little Bear, Blue's Clues, Little Bill & Dora the Explorer)
7. The Little Bear Movie VHS & DVD Trailer
8. Rugrats: 10th Anniversary: Decade in Diapers and All Growed Up VHS Trailer
9. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie VHS & DVD Trailer
10. Stay Tuned For a Special Presentation After the Movie
11. Paramount Feature Presentation/Warning Screen
12. Paramount Intro
13. Nickelodeon Montage Bumper
14. Start of the Show

And That's It!

Original release date: October 21, 1997
Print date:36th week of 2001

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