A Star Is Born as Woman Wows With 'Shallow' Rendition at London Tube Station


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A Star Is Born as Woman Wows With 'Shallow' Rendition at London Tube Station
Storyful Rights Management

Storyful Rights Management
Published on 21-02-2020


A singer-songwriter became an online sensation after a video of her singing "Shallow," a song from the most recent A Star is Born film, in the London Underground went viral.

Online entertainer Kevin Freshwater filmed himself approaching people and asking them to “finish the lyrics” of various songs for a video project.

Some coyly finished the lyrics, others told him to go away, but Charlotte Awbery, who Freshwater approached in a London tube station, gave the challenge her all.

Awbery, who has over 280,000 followers on Instagram, said she was “completely blown away” by the response to the video.

While some people online suggested the video could have been staged, a representative for Freshwater said it was not a planned encounter and happened by chance. Kugan Cassius, who also appears in the video at 18 seconds, told Storyful that Freshwater approached him on the street and it had not been planned.

Credit: Kevin Freshwater via Storyful
Original video: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8wapHjnGSi/

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