Your a boy and im a girl

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Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Health Sexual health. Go to first unread. Skip to :. Useful links: 1 5 This discussion is closed. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 5 years ago 1. Okay so this is I hated makeup, I hated barbies, I couldn't stand princesses - I always identified more with the male characters than the female. I liked sports and cars and wrestling and rock music and action and horror and awesomeness. I listened and still listen to male artists and dislike female artists - I feel like the male voice speaks to me more and I wanna be able to sing like them - I hate that my voice is feminine.

Going to high school I saw how all the girls acted - some were tomboys and some were very feminine. This was all the way up to year 13 - then I decided to embrace my feminine side and started wearing dresses, matching clothes, getting heels, wearing makeup, carrying handbags. That made me happy for a while And because I'm Muslim I wear the hijab and I just dislike wearing it.

I know I have to wear it for God and stuff but I hate it still gonna wear it because I have to - I just don't like having to study a certain subject, work in a certain sector, dress a certain way just because of what's between my legs. I get that females and males, while equal, are different but I don't like that. I don't like being different to men.

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I'm not attracted to girls and am attracted to men all my crushes have been on men BUT i feel like if I were born a boy I would have no problem getting with girls. But as a girl I don't like the idea of that. So I don't think I'm bisexual because in my current I don't like the idea of being with a girl. But if you asked me what I was I'd say I am a girl. I don't feel like I was born in the wrong body - I just wish I was born a male.

I get my gender I just don't identify with it - I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense I don't know how to explain. Not what you're looking for? Report Thread starter 5 years ago 2. Report Thread starter 5 years ago 3. Report Thread starter 5 years ago 4. Report Thread starter 5 years ago 5. Report 5 years ago 6. Sorry no one has replied I don't know what to say because you haven't asked a question Report Thread starter 5 years ago 7.

Original post by missytwinpeaks Sorry no one has replied AtThePhan Badges: 2.

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Report 5 years ago 8. I feel the exact same way as you!!! I really wanted to be born a boy but I wouldn't want to transition into a boy. I also wouldn't want to face having to see my private part because they would remind me I'm actually a girl. Report Thread starter 5 years ago 9. Original post by Panic! AtThePhan I feel the exact same way as you!!! Spoiler: Show. Report 5 years ago I dunno, I guess I sorta have an advantage because I don't really have big boobs. Do ya get what I mean. Also when I was with my ex our best friend always said I was the man in out relationship Posted from TSR Mobile.

By the way thanks, I'm freaking obsessed with Dan and Phil!!!! Report Thread starter 5 years ago I would say the way to deal with it is to embrace and love yourself. You sound like you don't like yourself but really you are pressurised by society to conform to gender stereotypes and that is what is making you unhappy. Don't confuse gender stereotypes with actual pitfalls of being a girl.

Original post by karl pilkington I would say the way to deal with it is to embrace and love yourself. You say you're not transgender, but it looks like you have some form of gender dysphoria.

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How much is related to how you're treated as 'a woman' in terms of being denied things that you could do if you were seen as 'male' is an interesting question. What would happen if you said, 'No, I am not going to behave like that, it makes me unhappy'? Original post by unprinted You say you're not transgender, but it looks like you have some form of gender dysphoria. Original post by unprinted How old are you? Back to top. Related discussions. Related articles. Tight foreskin All about contraception Getting the coil fitted Sexual health advice.

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